Saturday, October 29, 2011

snake swallows man in tight jeans

the 25 year old man was passed out on his couch when a giant mutant snake snuck in his open door looking for a meal.  It saw the tasty looking young man face down on the couch and slithered over and began swallowing him head first.  the man was so out of it he never even noticed he was being eaten alive til the snake reached his waist.  The snake really enjoyed it's meal, the man wore skin tight jeans so he slid down its throat easily.  the snake took it's time as it wrapped it's lips around his nice ass and got a good taste of him.  slowly gulp by gulp it devoured him, he struggled but it was no use, the snake was too strong and hungry, eventually just his feet dangled out of it's mouth then soon he was gone, just a large bulge in the snake's belly, being digested.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like a man's ass in jeans. I wish I could have kissed his ass before he was eaten. IMO the only thing sexier and more beautiful than a man's ass is a man's ass in jeans!